Netflix's 3 Body Trouble is a hit in conservative America

Netflix's 3 Body Trouble is a hit in conservative America

3 Physical problem of game of thronesThe producers are the latest hit on Netflix. Not just for you and me, but for conservative Americans in particular, the series is strangely good: but why?

A series created by producers game of thrones Almost guaranteed to win. 3 Physical problem Netflix has proven this once again. The series is at the top of the global popularity chart and has a score of 7.8 on IMDb.

The series is also popular with conservative Americans, which is significant. Because science fiction and conservatism are not two topics that go together. What exactly is going on?

netflix' 3 Physical problem Van de Game of Thrones-Makers

To answer this correctly, you first need to know where 3 Physical problem About. Although from game of thronesProducers, it's completely different. The Netflix series is based on the books by Chinese author Liu Csik. In it, a scientist contacts aliens to use them as a new superweapon. However, it doesn't go entirely according to plan, because is it smart?

3 Physical problem There's an interesting story: What would we as humanity do if aliens suddenly knocked on our proverbial door? Not to call home, but to live on our planet. That's not exactly why conservatives are happy with the Netflix series game of thrones– Producers.

3 Body Trouble Netflix Game of Thrones
Opening scene. (Image: Netflix)

No, it all has to do with the opening scene of the series. It is set in a Chinese university during the Cultural Revolution. In it, a Chinese professor is posed on a platform wearing a cap and hanging a board around his neck.

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An angry mob demands that he disprove Einstein's theory of relativity because it is too Western. When he refuses, he is kicked, beaten, and killed.

Why is this series popular in conservative America?

According to conservative Americans, this scene has everything to do with 'cancel culture' and 'leftist politics'. “Out of view 3 Physical problem Netflix shows a cultural revolution. It was the time when the Communists came to power in China. Let's learn from the past,” a post written by X user GeekpreneurNYC has already been read 600,000 times and received 1,400 likes.

But some X users still think this way: “To understand what the leftists are up to, I recommend opening Netflix. 3 Physical problem to see The Cultural Revolution scene shows exactly what is happening right now.” Newcodec on medium.

That popularity among conservatives is actually quite special because it's only a spectacle 3 Physical problem. I won't spoil too much, but there are plenty of other topics too. You can connect some of them to climate change because the series messed up the earth.

Another section can even be seen as a critique of religion. For example, these are topics that are not very popular in that group.

Off 3 Physical problemThe makers have also responded to all the fuss. David Benioff, creator of Game of Thrones and 3 Body Trouble, said, “There are many differences between the current era and the Cultural Revolution, but there are also some similarities. It's not premeditated, but there are parallels that are hard to ignore. However, it's not about canceling culture.” says

Watching Netflix movies once is not enough

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