Maxime Milland supports her mother: "This does not mean that we share the same opinion" |  gossip

Maxime Milland supports her mother: “This does not mean that we share the same opinion” | gossip

Maxim begins her Instagram story, “Let me state that it was never my intention to exclude a group or belittle someone in his or her religion.” “The Netherlands (fortunately) is a diverse country with many origins and beliefs. Of course I respect everyone regardless of their origin or religion.”

The reality star points out that she can’t speak for her mother, but says she supports her. “Just because I stand behind and support my mom, doesn’t mean we think the same or share the same opinion about everything.” Maxim says that supporting each other at this time is very important. She believes that “we should communicate more than confront each other.”

Maxim ends her letter with an apology. “I would like to apologize to those who have been personally affected by this situation.”


In addition to mattress brand Emma, ​​skincare producer Nivea and card company Hallmark have also ended their collaboration with de Meilandjes due to Erica’s anti-Islam comments. In her book of the same name, she compares women who wear a burqa to a penguin and describes the veil as “unnatural.” She also says that Islam “brings a lot of misery” and that she wants to stop this.

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