Lots of interest in the walking countryside

Lots of interest in the walking countryside

On the occasion of the centenary of Gerard Reif’s birth (14 December), the famous Reif March in Vert was once again marched on Saturday 16 December, led by Dutch scholar Herman van Houren. The number of participants in this march reached 27 participants from all over the country.

In addition to the three memorial stones in the Weerter street scene (Stationsplein, Neuwe Markt and Taverne De Munt) and in the impressive Martinus Church with its miraculous statue of Mary, pedestrians reminisced at two special sites.


A special exhibition has been created in the library with special pieces from the Reve collection created by Reve’s housemate Guus van Bladel and purchased by the city of Weert. In the W Museum, pedestrians can view photographs taken in 1974 of the presentation of a knighthood to the famous writer of the city and region. The former council room, now the heart of the museum, housing works by famous artists such as Debbets and Tolemans, provided an interesting setting for the ongoing video presentation.

While walking, Herman Van Horen told countless tales and recited many limericks. So there was a lot of laughter.

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