Professional viewers are also increasingly wondering why public broadcasting exists on Earth

Professional viewers are also increasingly wondering why public broadcasting exists on Earth

Alex Mazerio

if Home Alone, Die hard in all you need is love It’s the ultimate Christmas viewing tradition, so it’s okay Scrooge Live After three (memorable) editions, the book is now in the books as the ultimate warm-up for the Christmas holidays. The formula for this great Omroep Max movie has been pretty consistent for years: a retelling of the famous story of greedy rich man Ebenezer Scrooge with a cast of actors, celebrities and… the desire-Graduates, have this story told by a fun puppet who weaves jokes around the current events in the story, then give it an urgent touch by asking for donations to a noble charity (Children Growing Up in Poverty).

Especially in this retelling of the classic Scrooge story Scrooge Live As professional amateur theatre, it’s often close to the edges of the canyon, but it’s fun. The third edition also met all expectations: Thomas Van Leeuwen had the time of his life as Scrooge, Henk Porte, as Scrooge’s deceased ally Marley, seemed lost in a deadly serious opera, and Frank Evenblige was the narrator providing jokes about current events (“This Scrooge More Fake from Mia and Dion in Liverpool!”).

Jacqueline Bloom, Thomas Van Leeuwen and Henk Porte in Scrooge Live.Max’s photo

Christmas gifts have fallen early from the non-profit tree, and that’s not an unnecessary luxury, now that all sorts of miserly characters are ready to manipulate public budgets. In recent weeks, everything has been on the level of anti-profit populism, and this is also leading the professional viewer to increasingly question why on earth a public broadcaster exists.

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Because we’ve been seeing on the daily program for nearly two weeks that the miserly curmudgeon need not always be wrong. Christmas is serious. if Scrooge Live He is a descendant the desireThen he is Christmas is serious Descendant Overall important figuresthe show in which forgotten celebrities have to complete tasks like “lick the sugar off this lollipop,” or “warm up frozen underwear with your body heat.”

The rebellious boys and girls at PowNed always thought: We should do something like this too, and why not with pretty much the same field of participants as in Overall important figures? Think Wendy Van Dyk’s son, reality star Louisa Janssen, and of course Mike De Boer (unfortunately, Rob Geuss has already been killed off). On Saturday, participants had to whip whipped cream until stiff. Then you’ll know, because with the word “tough” creative minds can go in so many interesting directions.

Now, as an experienced TV watcher, I’ve had to put up with a lot, and try to deal with it in a cheerfully sarcastic way even at the gates of hell, but even for me there are limits. Letting a curmudgeon like Scrooge loose on public broadcasting may be a bridge too far, but as long as these utterly stupid kindergarten formats continue to slip through the net of genre directors and channel heads, a little rigor won’t hurt.

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