Lots of fresh snow regionally in the Alpine region

Lots of fresh snow regionally in the Alpine region

Spring break for the southern region is about to begin. Anyone staying in the Alpine region next week will face mainly cold and dry weather. Until then, new snow will fall regionally, but you can read about where the most snow falls and what the best day is to travel in this winter sports forecast.

Earlier this week, you could read that it is currently very mild in the Alps Most of the valleys are green. The snow line is very high and in the valleys it is very mild with temperatures often in double figures. Even at high altitudes, the slopes are soft at the end of the day, and especially slopes exposed to the sun are of poor quality.

On Thursday, the weather will be cloudy and rain will fall here and there. Due to the high snow line of about 1800 metres, it mainly rains, but at the top some snow falls. On the southern side of the Alps it is dry and the sun is shining.

Period with Südstau

An active low pressure area is developing in the Mediterranean region with heavy rainfall. This rainfall will affect the Southern Alps from next night. The height of the snow line is about 1,600 metres, and above that precipitation falls in the form of snow. Above 2000 metres, about 20cm of fresh snow could easily fall tonight. Below, it's mainly rain.

Due to the presence of Südstau, it remains dry on the northern side of the Alps and the sun occasionally shines. The zero degree limit remains about 2500 meters on the northern side of the Alps, while on the southern side of the Alps it is about 2000 metres. It is possible that 40 cm of fresh snow will fall, especially on the highlands and on the southern side, until Friday evening. If you go to the Italian Alps or the Southern French Alps, you'll definitely be in the right place for your next spring break.

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Snow will continue to fall for some time on the southern side of the Alpine range on Saturday and it will rain in most valleys. As the supplied air gradually becomes colder, it snows in more and more places or the rain turns to snow. The snow line drops to about 1,300 metres. On the southern side of the Alps, 50 to 80 cm can fall locally at altitude. If you stay on the north side, there will be no snow until Saturday and it will be dry. It is therefore softer due to the hair dryer-like wind.

Until the end of the week, a lot of snow may fall, especially on the southern side of the Alps. Source: imweather.com

Saturday is the best day to travel to the Alps

As you journey into the Alps through Germany and France, you won't have to deal with winter's nuisances. There is a mix of sun, clouds, some rain showers and the temperature is well above zero. If you travel to Italy via France, you will have to deal with rainfall, and if you go higher, snow chains are a must.

On Sunday, a precipitation area will move from west to east over the Alps and rain will fall everywhere. The snow line drops everywhere to an altitude of 1000 to 1200 metres. If you travel on a Sunday, you need to take into account the winter conditions everywhere in the Alpine region. If you still have a choice, Saturday is the best day to travel.

Mostly cold and dry after the weekend

Some snow is likely to fall next week in the Western and Northern Alps, especially on Monday, and the snow line will drop below 1,000 metres. However, this looks to be the last snowfall for a while, as the rest of the week will remain quite dry and sunny. Therefore, it is very cold and conditions will be good after the snowfall. The wind is low and the weather is great for a winter sports holiday. However, you must take into account the high intensity of the sun and there is a risk of burning unprotected skin.

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Snow cannons in Sauerland

Yesterday some snow fell in Sauerland, but that snow is starting to melt again. It will be cooler in the Sauerland, especially from Sunday onwards, but will remain dry. There is no new snow, but since it is getting colder, the snow cannons will start working again. Moreover, the sun will shine regularly next week, so it will be a very nice spring break week in the Sauerland. There is no snowy fun in the Ardennes.

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