British ministers resign: Johnson's government is in crisis

British ministers resign: Johnson’s government is in crisis

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Two British ministers resigned due to dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Johnson. Health Minister Sajid Javid and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced in quick succession that they no longer trust the Prime Minister after a series of scandals. This completes the crisis of the Johnson government.

“The public rightly expects the government to be run properly, efficiently and seriously,” Sunak said on Twitter. “I think these standards are worth fighting for and that’s why I’m resigning.”

In his resignation letter, Sunak cited “tremendous challenges” facing Britain, adding that the people “are ready to hear the truth”.

Javid says he no longer trusts Johnson to lead the country after all that has happened. It basically refers to the latest scandal involving the Prime Minister.

sexual misconduct

“Former Vice President” Chris Pincher, who was responsible in the British Parliament to ensure that members of his party voted on the correct proposal, has been accused of sexual misconduct. He is said to have touched two men in a private club in the past. He was appointed to the government by Johnson in February. He resigned last Thursday.

Johnson was asked if he was aware of the misconduct when he appointed Pincher. The government’s interpretation has changed several times, but yesterday it emerged that Johnson was aware of the misconduct. A spokesperson added that the allegations did not lead to a formal complaint.

Javid says many policymakers, as well as residents, have lost faith in the prime minister because of all that has happened. “I regret to say that it is clear to me that this situation will not change under your leadership – which is why I lost my confidence,” he wrote in a letter to Johnson.

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