Looking back generously: Beatrix and Klaus have been married for 55 years

Looking back generously: Beatrix and Klaus have been married for 55 years

The news of the engagement of Princess Beatrix and German diplomat Klaus von Amsberg on June 28, 1965 was announced on radio and television by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernard. The news did not come out of the blue. A hand photo of them taken in May of that year soon appeared in England, after which Klaus was introduced to the Netherlands as Beatrix’s fiancée shortly thereafter.

In the fall of the same year, Beatrix and Klaus received permission from the House of Representatives and then the Senate to marry. Then the couple wasted no time in love: on March 10, 1966, they got married. Mayor of Amsterdam, mr. C Van Hall, the marriage took place. After the civil wedding at City Hall, a religious consecration took place in Westerkerk.

Wedding Dress

All eyes were on Beatrix: her elegant wedding dress, made of satin or sable, featured a stunning train five meters long and over two meters wide. For the big day of the future queen, only the best of the best suffices. The dress was designed in France by Staron, after which Maison Linette finally made the dress in Holland.


Perhaps the crowning glory is the Württemberg wreath that Beatrix is ​​allowed to wear. Her grandmother, Wilhelmina, wore a Württemberg wreath during her inauguration. It seems that the princess is not acting humbly. Although the wreath is worn in different ways, she chooses the highest version with all pearls.

Special guests

No one who receives an invitation to the wedding of the future Queen of the Netherlands dares to say absolutely no. Several royals agreed on the agenda to be in Amsterdam on March 10 for the wedding of Beatrix and Klaus. Part of the Belgian and British royals, as well as the Norwegian Prince, Crown Prince of Spain Juan Carlos will attend with his wife Sophia, Grand Duke Henry and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg.

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Dear Trix

The hot meal, called déjeuner-dînatoire, is eaten at the Dam Palace. The word was taken by Prince Bernard and Prince Claus – who have held the title of Prince of the Netherlands since this day. Beatrix’s new husband speaks the following warm words: “My love for you has grown and deepened in recent months. Dear Trix, I am very proud of you. I am happy with our decision to start a new life with you from today to. Beginning.”


After the biggest wedding, a big honeymoon follows. Beatrix and Klaus take it on by exploring the world for seven weeks. First they visit Mexico. The couple then travels through the United States and Canada, where they say they had a “delicious” experience.

Once back in the country, they took up residence at Drakensteyn Castle in Lage Vuursche. Beatrix has lived there since 1963. In 1981 they left the castle in front of the Paleis Huis ten Bosch in The Hague. The princess has returned to Lage Vuursche since 2014.

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