look.  Two yellow cards in 30 seconds, followed by a kiss towards the referee: American defender Dest is reprimanded by his teammates |  Foreign football

look. Two yellow cards in 30 seconds, followed by a kiss towards the referee: American defender Dest is reprimanded by his teammates | Foreign football

The United States qualified for next year’s Copa America despite losing to Trinidad and Tobago (2-1). The Americans lost their lead after Serginho Dest (ex-Barcelona) completely overstepped his bounds and received two yellow cards within 30 seconds.

look. US national team coach Berhalter: “Dest made a big mistake”

National coach Berhalter’s team defended its 3-0 lead in the first leg against Trinidad and Tobago. Because of the small defeat in the return match, the damage was limited and the Americans qualified for the Copa America.

Although it almost went wrong. After Robinson won 1-0, nothing seemed to go wrong for the USA, but things got even more interesting after a red card from winger Dest in the 39th minute. The PSV Eindhoven defender could not control himself after the refereeing decision and was booked twice within 30 seconds. .

Dest was sent off after receiving a first yellow card for kicking the ball wide. The American then continued his protest against the referee, which resulted in him receiving a second yellow card a few seconds later. Clearly, Dest’s behavior was not appreciated by many of his teammates.

Captain Reem was heated with his teammate after the match. “I’d better keep the things said to him during the break private. His actions showed little respect for the boys who played and sat on the bench. And also for the referees and the sport itself.”

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National coach Berhalter also did not understand the childish actions of the 23-year-old Dutch-born winger. “Because he was disqualified, he made a number of boys do extra work and that is unforgivable. It is clear that this was not a good reaction from Serginho to the referee’s decision.

“His behavior cannot be excused. It was surreal to see. This is not what we stand for as a team. We like to pride ourselves on our ability to remain mentally disciplined, regardless of the circumstances. Whether there are good or bad decisions from the referee, as a footballer you have to keep going.”

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Dest apologized to the players’ group and later via social media. “I would like to apologize to my teammates, staff and all fans for my behaviour. It was unacceptable, selfish and immature. I have let my team down. It is something I must learn from and will not happen again.”

This is not the first time that Dest has received a red card in a United States shirt. Last June, the defender was expelled from the field after a major argument during the international match against Mexico. Then both teams finished the match with nine players.

Despite the defeat, the United States may participate in the Copa America Championship for the fifth time, which is originally for South American countries. The tournament will also be held in the United States from June 20, 2024.

The international match between the United States and Mexico went completely out of control: 9 yellow cards and 4 red cards, and defender Genk Arteaga was sent off the field.

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