Linda de Mol has two new loves in her life: “Just Fill” |  Displays

Linda de Mol has two new loves in her life: “Just Fill” | Displays

Linda de Mol is madly in love. Not to a man, but to her labrador puppies, Molly and Lulu. You write that in the opening for her magazine Linda. When they get tired and half asleep with those flaccid bellies on my lap, I just fill up. Maybe because I find the world so hard these days.

De Mol usually leaves for her vacation home in Portugal in the summer, but not this time. It all has to do with her new furry relatives: Labrador puppy Molly and Lulu. I’m madly in love. Really reaches my ears. And this fascination ensures that this will be a very different holiday than usual.

Therefore, relaxing on a vacation bed with a few novels is not an option. De Mol predicts that it will be mainly early morning when she asks her four legged friends to pee or they have to warn the creatures because they are naughty. But de Mol takes all this for granted. “Well, it’s serious as if I gave birth to twins at 58. I also seem to have been kicked out of one of those houses where the hoarder lives. Old sweatpants, my nice cashmere pair with two holes in those sharp teeth, the T-shirt, those Crocs, the unwashed hair.” and make-up,” Linda. magazine.

And despite the fact that she has to watch out for Molly and Lulu, who aren’t toilet trained, her heart overflows with love. A puppy also means a lot of happiness, no Netflix can rival that in the evening, and a massive amount of love and affection. When they get tired and I make them half asleep with those soft bellies on my lap, I just chow down. Maybe because I find the world so hard these days.

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With accusations of sexually impropriety against her former partner Jeroen Reitbergen, de Mol has had a turbulent year. She suspended her duties indefinitely last January, but returned in March. This fall she will also return as the host of SBS 6 I love Holland.

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