From now on, journalists have to pay to cover the Lowlands

From now on, journalists have to pay to cover the Lowlands

NVJ speaks of a “very wrong signal.” Minister Thomas Brüning says it is now a “symbolic amount”. “But a journalist should be able to do his job without any consideration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a football match, a political discussion, or a festival.” NVJ contacted MOJO about this on Friday.

The concert organizer wants to use the so-called charity fee to “help our charities on all fronts.” This is done, among other things, by drawing attention to charities on the festival’s website. “But also by supporting them financially in this way,” a Lowlands spokesperson said. According to MOJO, this also happens in other festivals.

NVJ Bruning’s secretary can’t immediately name examples in the Netherlands, but he is aware of the trend abroad. “Recently, there were riots in the UK because the Conservative Party charged journalists £137 to attend their conference.”

The ANP news agency refuses to pay for Lowlands. “Our (photo) journalists don’t pay for sources or access to events,” ANP editor-in-chief Freak Stubbs said Friday. The National Ports Agency does not want a financial relationship with the reporting organizations, “even if they pass that money on to third parties. We also let Lowlands know that.”

The requirement to pay charity fees applies not only to journalists, but also to other guests, such as people from record labels, radio stations or Lowlands partners who get a free pass. “People who work like singers don’t have to pay money,” the spokesperson added. MoJO was unable to say how many people were involved on Friday morning.

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