Lewis Hamilton thinks America has enough racing: “We need one more race”

Lewis Hamilton thinks America has enough racing: “We need one more race”

Off Formula 1 Growing in America. Since the arrival of Liberty Media, no fewer than three races have been held this year. In addition to Austin, races in Miami and Las Vegas were also added to the calendar. In stark contrast to the 2000 to 2007 race at Indianapolis. The low point was the race in 2005, when only six cars started due to an unreliable Michelin tire. Lewis Hamilton Surprised by the development, but wants to see another species on another continent.

Lewis Hamilton

“It’s not my job to decide how many races there are, but we certainly don’t need any more. We certainly don’t need any more races,” Hamilton told Sky F1 about the number of races in America. “We need one more race, and that will be Africa. We have all the other continents, why not there? That is why I am working now.” The African continent has not been visited since 1993. The last race was in Khilami, South Africa.

Yet Hamilton is surprised by the growth Formula 1 is enjoying in America. “I remember when we had a race here in 2007 and I was constantly trying to educate the new audience,” said the Mercedes driver. “It was like they’d never heard of what we were doing. What if they didn’t have the same enthusiasm we grew up with, our culture? The change, it’s amazing to see the change.”


Photos: Mercedes-AMG Motorsport

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