US and Indonesia to conduct Keris Marine Exercise 2023

US and Indonesia to conduct Keris Marine Exercise 2023

U.S. and Indonesian Marines participate in the Keris Mareks 2022 joint exercise (Photo: US Marine Corps Sgt. Pulliam)

JAKARTA – TNI-AL Marine Corps (Kormar), and US Marine troops conducted the Keris Sea Exercise Nov. 23-Dec. 11 in Andarlina, Central Jampang, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

Keris Marine Exercise (Keris MAREX) is a bilateral exercise between the US Marine Corps and the Indonesian Navy’s Marine Corps (KORMAR) that aims to improve military interoperability and maritime field awareness, strengthen cooperation, and enhance the military capabilities of participating units.

In 2022, U.S. Marines from Marine Rotational Force – Southeast Asia (MRF-SEA) returned to Indonesia this year to participate in the inaugural GERIS MAREX exercise and enhance joint capability development and interoperability.

Approximately 150 members of the US Marine Corps and 150 members of the Indonesian Navy Marine Corps will participate this year in Keris Mareks to develop coastal defense, gunnery training, multi-team weapons and unmanned integrated air defense system capabilities. Participants will interact with the community, as well as exchange experts to strengthen their shared commitment to regional security and cooperation.

“Keris Marine Exercise 2023 is an important opportunity for the Marine Rotational Force – in Southeast Asia we participate in jungle warfare exercises in Indonesia. This is more than just practice; it is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Indonesian Navy and strengthen our joint capabilities,” said MRF-SEA Commander Col. Sieverts. Keris MAREX 23 is the first exercise for the I Marine Expeditionary Force in Indonesia in 2023.

Marine Corps Information Service Chief, Col. Marine, Bampong Diliando, SE, M.Tr (Hanla) said Indonesia and the United States will jointly celebrate the birthdays of KORMAR and US Marines at the end of the exercise. “In a training environment full of excitement in the field, this is a valuable opportunity that we must make the most of. “We hope that the relationship between the Marine Corps between the two countries will become even closer in the future and support each other in facing complex problems in the future,” he added. Kormer and the U.S. This year’s exercise will culminate with a platoon-level infantry exercise to showcase joint warfighting skills and camaraderie between Marines.

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