2nd free practice of US GP 2022

2nd free practice of US GP 2022

Teams will test tires for next season during the 2nd free practice of the 2022 US GP. If teams allow a young driver who is not usually in the car to drive VT1 They get test time on 2022 tires. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams have used it. Today’s tires perform better on these F1 cars than 2023’s rubber.

During this tire test for 2023, teams will be offered two types of tires. Pirelli also keeps secret what type of tires (soft, medium or hard) they screw under the cars. They ask the teams for a series first Performance runs To make the tires push. After this, Pirelli advises the teams to drive more distances with the tires.

Why are today’s tires so fast?

Charles Leclerc sets fastest lap on 2022 tyres. Bottas and Ricciardo will finish second and third on tires this year. Latifi was allowed to drive on 2022 tires, but not for unknown reasons. At first glance, next year’s tires appear slower, but whether and why remains a mystery.

For example, the type of 2023 tire Pirelli uses in this test (soft, medium or hard), the amount of petrol the drivers have and how hard they push. It is true that the 2023 tires are made with the 2023 F1 car in mind, which is different from the current cars. Either way, Leclerc sets the fastest time. Among the drivers with fresh tyres, Carlos Sainz was the fastest. He is 1.4 seconds slower than Leclerc.

2nd free practice of US GP 2022

  1. Charles Leclerc
  2. Valtteri Bottas
  3. Daniel Ricciardo
  4. Carlos Sainz
  5. Mick Schumacher
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What time does F1 start at COTA?

3rd Free Training: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Eligibility: 00:00 am – 01:00 am

Race: 9:00 p.m

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