Lekke Claver wins the 200m at the European Team Championships In the European rankings, the Netherlands ranks 6th |  other sports

Lekke Claver wins the 200m at the European Team Championships In the European rankings, the Netherlands ranks 6th | other sports

European gamesLekki Klaver won the 200m at the European Athletics Championships for the national teams in Poland. She ran a personal best of 22.46 at the Slaski Stadium in Chorzow. It is the third time this year in Europe.

Britain’s Bianca Williams finished second with a time of 22.75, a suitable distance from Claver. The Greek Poleniki Emanuelidou finished third with a time of 22.85 seconds.

With her victory, Claver scored the maximum 16 points for the Dutch national team, which plays in the first division. 200 meters is a “side number” for Claver. She is focused on the 400m and wants to peak at the World Cup later this summer in Budapest.

The athletics team is sixth at the European Championship for National Teams

The Dutch athletics team finished sixth at the European Championships for National Teams in Poland. This ranking means that the team maintains itself in the highest division. Leakey Claver gave the only win to the orange on the third and final day and thus the maximum score was 16 points with her personal best of 22.46 in the 200m sprint.

In total, the team scored four victories at Slaski Stadium in Chorzow. Fimke Paul was fastest in the 400m, Minno Flon won the pole vault and the women’s team was victorious in the 4 x 100m relay.

Italy won the European Championship ahead of Poland and Germany. The Italians won 6 of the 37 segments awarded by the European Championship.

The Netherlands started the final segment in fifth place, but dropped to sixth when they finished fourteenth in the 4x400m mixed relay, the number they won the silver medal at last year’s World Cup in Eugene. It was because third runner Terence Agard had a hamstring injury. He found a painful grimace to hand over the baton to Evelyn Salberg. Anyway, the quartet made it to the finish line.

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The second place went to Nadine Visser in the 100-meter hurdles, and the runner, Rafael Pogo. There were also five third-place finishers: Nils Larousse in the 1500m, Katelijn Peters in the 400m hurdles, Nick Smidt in the 400m hurdles, Nikitia Sidhu in the 100m and William Marvin Bonifacia in the 400m.

European high jumper Doi Amels was disappointed on the final day. He ranked eighth with a disappointing height of 2.13 metres. Taymir Burnet did well in the 200-meter event finishing fourth in a time of 20.70, as did Pauline Hundema who finished fifth in the long jump (6.49).

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