Norbert 444 I am a horse in 2022

Norbert 444 I am a horse in 2022

Jan van der Zee with Norbert 444 during his farewell at the horse show. Photo: Joanna Faber

The Norbert 444 Studbook Sport Preferent AAA was named Horse of the Year at FHANA, KFPS’ North American affiliate. In 2022, Norbert has scored 444,102 points from the FHANA stallion calculator which looks at results during annual inspections and thus assigns points to each First Premium, IBOP Grade, Ster, Crown and Model mares that year.

Norbert 444 Sport Preferent AAA is known for the fine offspring they have produced over the years and 2022 was no different in that regard when it came to their performance. From stallion inspections to mare shows, every inspection shows his offspring perform. He’s really one of those rare stallions that only comes around once every few years and has such an impact on the breed.”

Six sons, five have been completed

It began in January at the Stallion Show when three dams saw Norbert Sons selected for a choice of stallion. In 2022, two of Norbert’s six baptized children, Maine 496 and Römert 498, receive permanent approval in addition to Hessel 480, Hette 481, and Julius 486, who have received their final approval earlier.

Crown mares

Norbert started the year well in the United States with Marek van de Egberdena Hof Steer Sport taking the first premium and becoming the champion of the day in Hanford, California. In the American inspections there were still 15 colts who had earned the Ster title by two firsts and thirteen second. Two other mares achieved the crown and the temporary crown. Young stallions were not left behind with seven Norbert stallions earning the title of Steer. To close out the year in the US, East Tineke of Swan Lake (Norbert x Wierd) became interim crown, junior champion and overall reserve champion at the Mare Show.

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foreign education

In Hungary, Cats fan Stal Bellefleur Star AA successfully competed in the FEI Young Horse World Championships and finished eighth in the World Championship. This was the first time that a Friesian horse had participated in this international competition. In Mexico, Norbert’s daughter Teti c. First installment and became the heroine in La Capella Inspection.

source: Friso

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