Laax Open 2023 Snow Sports: Info and Live Streaming

It’s time to check out all of the participants and… who you should definitely keep an eye on for the podium.

Year after year, slopestyle continues to prove that it is one of the best The Most exciting Snow sports disciplines in the world.

Slope Style: Men’s

Although the general level sky high And in fact, every participant has a chance to win a place on the podium, there are a number of great riders who have become indispensable on the podium. Previous winners, of course, will try to repeat their success to defend. American riders like Sean Fitzsimmons (2022), Chris Corning (2019) and Swede Niklas Mattsson (2021) still have what it takes to achieve a high profile.

How do you guarantee one of the most exciting competitions in figure skating here? Face these riders Olympic champions Such as Yu Siming (China) and Young talent Like Truth Smith (Canada).

Snowboarding slope: women

In addition, as in 2022, all eyes will be on the match between the Austrian mega star Anna Jasser, Australian Laax Open and Olympic champion Tess Cody. Jasir’s resume, one of the most impressive in figure skating, is still missing a gold suit in Lax. Will she finally get it or will she dominate Slopestyle in the new year?

Frisky Slope: Men

The Laax Open will be in 2023 For the first time in History from the event slopestyle freeski class Submission, the best in the world are ready to compete for the top spot.

Frisky Slope: Women

Lax is home base One of the most innovative snow parks in Europe, and therefore it is not surprising that you can find here longer half tube in the world. with width 21 metres and walls 7 metres High, this ice arena is built to transport riders to record heights and push the limits of the sport.

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Snowboard Halfpipe: Men

The infamous halfpipe will be entered by the sickest and most innovative riders in the sport. The list begins with Japanese pacers: Laax Open and Olympic champion Ayumu Hirano, World record holder Kaishu Hirano and Yuto Totsuka, who would like to regain his position after a gold medal at the X Games in 2021. So there is a good chance of taking the podium.

No matter who wins, the men’s half-pipe becomes one fierce fighting.

Halfpipe Snowboard: Women

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