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Goodbye, Badil! Pickleball is everything according to Robert and Jean: “It came from America’

Colleagues Robert van der Veen and Jan Hacks love a sports game, but then you have to laugh and score. They find it in Pickle Ball. “It’s easier than Padel and therefore more fun.”

Colleagues not only share the same employer, but are also sports fans. “Primarily we are footballers, but we also find other sports interesting,” says Robert. “This is how we found a random article about pickle ball. A sport that’s really popular in America. Here’s the paddle, there’s pickle ball. It appealed to us, because it’s like a paddle, but easier. In tennis, it’s a lot more about technique, with the alternative being used.” A little less, but with less pickle ball. This way you will master the game very quickly and you can easily score points. It is more affordable and more fun.”

From Pickleball to Deventer

The two play their first match in Utrecht. “We were eager to try it out, but couldn’t find a closer location.” They thought this had to change. “And so we want to bring this sport to Deventer. We have already organized two events in Scheg, where others can also come and play pickle ball. The reactions have been very enthusiastic, it is something new that piques the curiosity of sports fans.”

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So the next event is already coming. “On October 9, our third Pickle ball event will be in Scheg. You can come and learn about the sport from 14.00 to 16.00. Our dream is also to create a pickle ball club in Deventer.” And where exactly does this name come from? “We’re still investigating that, because we still don’t know ourselves,” laughs Robert. something for you? Then check out the site.

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