Kentucky Governor: 50 people likely to die in tornadoes

Kentucky Governor: 50 people likely to die in tornadoes

According to local media, about twenty residents are trapped under the rubble of the partially collapsed building. It is also said that other buildings in Monet were severely damaged by the hurricane. The US Weather Service has issued tornado warnings for several states in the southern United States.


“A tornado has been going on for several hours, which is weird. It’s usually a hurricane on the ground for ten or twenty minutes. I’ve already seen several reports that it’s on a record in terms of distance traveled by a tornado,” says Brian Verhoeven of Poinradar.

So Kentucky is counting on at least 50 deaths, but according to the governor, the number could be “much higher.” He described the losses and deaths as “catastrophic.”

The storm front is currently moving from the Rocky Mountains through the region into the Midwest of the United States. When cold mountain air collides with warmer air in the southern states, severe storms arise.

According to Verhoeven, the danger of hurricanes did not pass until the afternoon (for us). “Until then, tornadoes can still happen. But the chance of tornadoes is dwindling.”

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Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana are most at risk. Reports come from all of these cases of damage and people trapped in buildings. According to the Weather Service, 55 million Americans will be affected by storms.

In Edwardsville, southern Illinois, winds blew over the roof of the Amazon Distribution Center. Many people may have been injured as a result.

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