Lotte suspected that Farmer Jockey was looking for a woman

Lotte suspected that Farmer Jockey was looking for a woman

Lotte look at Online video of the program again when she comes out. “When I think of you and me, I had a feeling we could go up,” she begins. “In terms of humor, (…) knowing what you like and what your thoughts are on certain topics. That we’d be a match.”

Farmer Jouke, according to Lott, is very organized. Because of this, she did not spend enough time with him and could not show herself at all. “I had my doubts about it. (…) If he had chosen me, I would have loved to have researched it. On a city trip together, so that he could also have a glimpse into my life.”

Although Jouke did not choose her, she is very happy with Jouke and Karlijn. “When I heard he had chosen Carlin, I was relieved too. In that sense, she had fewer doubts than me.” Lotte loves that the two can explore their feelings for each other on a city trip.

Lott regrets not finding love, but she knows that farm life suits her well. “I found that country life, with its space and tranquility, suited me. I would definitely take that with me.”

Farmer Janine also has a moment of choice. In the video below, you can see how she checks out if Christian is the best for her.

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