Judge tends to reveal evidence against Trump for house search

Judge tends to reveal evidence against Trump for house search

Several US media companies, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, are trying to obtain the document through the courts. The statement aims to clarify the information the FBI had before it decided to search Trump’s private mansion.

historical significance

Justice states that the document contains information that must be protected during the investigation, for example about witnesses. But portions of the document may be released, according to the judge who approved the search warrant.

The media say the public has a right to know what is in the FBI document and that the historical significance of the research outweighs arguments for keeping the document secret.

Trump himself also wants to lift the document’s classified status. It is believed that the motives of the research are political.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Palm Beach on August 8 was investigated in an investigation into classified documents the former president allegedly took from the White House.

extremely confidential

Al-Adl had previously given permission to publish the search warrant and a list of the seized items. This list contains boxes with confidential documents, some of which hold a “Top Secret” status. These materials are usually kept in special government facilities because their disclosure could seriously affect national security.

Previously, these photos were posted for research:

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