“Is singer Anouk so desperate for attention that she stoops to this level?”  |  Displays

“Is singer Anouk so desperate for attention that she stoops to this level?” | Displays

M Media PodcastThe standing media panel is already rehearsing once this week without media journalist Mark den Blanken, who will soon be leaving the podcast. On the other hand, opinions haven't gotten any softer.

Firstly The last word, Jeroen Pauw's interview program in which he interviews prominent Dutch people and does not broadcast the video image until after their deaths. Guest: Recently deceased former Prime Minister Dries van Agt. Television columnist Angela de Jong is already witnessing the Sonja Barend Award for Best TV Interview being presented to the presenter: “Sublime interview, partly by Van Agt.” Media journalist Dennis Janssen is more critical of Bao: he essentially missed the personal note. More questions could have been asked in this area.

Arjen Lobach portrays Angela de Jong in his film Evening show As a potential future prime minister in a homemade carnival mix. And Angela is interested in that… about Odeh On land, sea and air There is mixed thinking. “Even Ruben Nicolae's fan club would have chosen a different presenter!”

The implications of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk's downfall are also discussed, especially now that his “friend” Eus appears to be turning against him. Angela understands Eos. It is also striking that the stars of RTL Boulevard are speaking out against their manager Peter van der Vorst. In keeping with this cancel culture, singer Anouk comes with a depressing message in which she appears To attack trans people She asks herself if it will be canceled now too. Angela De Jong: “Is singer Anouk so desperate for attention that she stoops to this level?”

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From the documentary something else About Els Borst is in Angela's Etalage, audio With the eyes of tomorrow Present at Het Radiohoekje as well is radio DJ Domien Verschuren, with whom media journalist Dennis Jansen had a candid conversation. There is also a listening site, especially for Angela DeYoung's mother!

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