Susanna Klibanski stumbles during “Number Dragon” at Stars on Stage

Susanna Klibanski stumbles during “Number Dragon” at Stars on Stage

In the final episode of “Stars On Stage,” the six remaining musical stars sing a duet with each other. Gerard Golling (63 years old) and Susanna Klebanski (39 years old) together form a couple. However, during the song “Het Spaans Graan”, Susanna jumped off the bench so excitedly, it almost caused a foul.

“I don't really think the Sopranos has lost you.”

Gerard and Susanna face a huge challenge this week. In musical My Fair Lady With the help of Professor Higgins, simple Eliza Doolittle was transformed into an eloquent woman. In the famous song “Het Spanje Graan” he tries to persuade Eliza to speak politely. There are many things in performance: singing, dancing and playing. Everything has to be perfect, down to the smallest detail.

Fortunately, Gerard is happy with his romantic partner. During rehearsals the two laugh at each other, but they also fear what is to come. “We have to practice a lot and act a little,” notes the singer. Susanna agrees. “If you have all this in your head, you can start working on making it a little funny.”

He goes on stage The Real Housewives of Amsterdam-A star for a strong start. She hits the high notes and dances around Gerard. During the choreography, Susanna jumps on the bench. But her enthusiasm makes her lose her balance. Gerard and Susanna both let out a scream. But Gerard managed to catch her in time. The two continue performing “The Spanish Grain” as if nothing happened.

The duo burst into laughter as soon as the last words were sung. “I tripped, but hardly anyone saw that,” explains Gerard.

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Reviewer Paul de Leeuw gets straight to the point while commenting to the judges: “I think it's a terrible song.” Chantal Janzen can't help but agree with this and thinks he's the “Dragon of Song”. “All respect to you for putting up with this,” she says.

Guest reviewer Jim Baucom was not surprised by Susanna's singing skills. The two have a past together Idols. Jim believes Susanna is “a real theatrical animal,” but she is also extremely important. “I don't really think the sopranos have lost you.” Albert Verlinde was impressed by how charmingly Gerard and Susanna corrected their mistake. “That song Spanish Grain, even though you didn’t like the song, you got through it pretty well.”

Susanna received fourteen stars from reviewers, and Gerard received thirteen stars. After singing the second song he ended up with Glenn Faria Final curtain. Unfortunately for Gerard, he is unable to convince the audience of his qualities and the curtain finally falls on him.

Stars on stage See you every Friday at 8pm on RTL 4.

Are you curious about Gerard's take on adventure? You can see him on Offstage, the show's after-talk.

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