International Toppers at Cyclocross GP Oisterwijk

International Toppers at Cyclocross GP Oisterwijk

The 3rd edition of the UCI Cyclocross GP Klein Osterwijk will take place on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October.
On Saturday, youth up to 14 years of age participate in various competitions. On Sunday the freshmen, juniors, pledges and women’s elite and men’s elite will compete in their matches. The organization is back in the hands of Stichting Wielerronde Morgestel/Oysterwijk (SWMO) and its cyclocross has grown into one of the leading competitions in the Netherlands. The last two editions were strongly represented by the international elite. For example, Buck Peters won the women’s elite tournament last year. This is for Kata Vaz and Leonie Bentveld. Later that season, Buck Peters became the European Mountain Biking Champion. There was also a great men’s podium with Ryan Kamp, Jens Adams and Witsche Meussen.

The Grand Prix, or Grand Prix of Oosterwijk

The choice of the date in October was chosen strategically, as can be seen from the words of President Hans Cornelis. “Absolutely the best riders participate in World Cup events in America. I think riders like Van der Boel and Van Aert. The enthusiasm to go to America is decreasing. This is due to the high costs, but also due to the negative effect of the time difference. Additionally, unlike previous years, this period in the USA has 3 Not closed competitions, there will be 1 competition at a high level. Our race will be very interesting for riders who do not want to pass 1 race. We have already promised participants from the top 10 places in the world rankings, concludes the leader.

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For the lesson we turn to Peter Hoffmann. After his active career as a cyclo-cross rider, he was for many years a designer of courses that had to meet strict international guidelines. For example, the start should be safe enough, the course at least 3 meters wide everywhere and technically challenging enough. “Compared to last year, Hoffmann reports some changes. Landal Klein Oisterwijk is in full development. In the long term, approximately 325 luxurious and sustainable holiday homes will be built here. We continue to consult with the owner to organize our course so that we don’t get in each other’s way. But this year how will the public and the riders We know it’s time to put on a show again. The sloping side, the stairs, the beams, the sand strips, everything is back. This year we’re building using a new bridge, scaffolding and planks. It’s to make the course more selective, but also to make the central area more accessible to the public. Why is this? When asked about the necessity, Hoffmann replied with a broad smile. We want to make it widely known later, but we will be organizing the cyclo-cross national championship here in January 2025. A mega big event. We are looking at this year as a kind of dress rehearsal for this,” he said.

Information about this sporty weekend can be found at Thanks to great sponsors, admission is absolutely free to the public.

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