Inspiration for a tour through North America

Inspiration for a tour through North America

Every travel enthusiast dreams about it: a trip through North America. North America is huge and diverse and this makes the continent the ultimate destination for a grand tour. But what are the beautiful routes and places you shouldn’t miss while touring North America? Below you’ll find inspiration for places to visit while touring North America.

A road trip through the American West
A road trip through the American West is at the top of the list for many travel enthusiasts. Travel across America are very popular and this is certainly not without reason. In the western United States you can visit big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas and beautiful nature. There are several national parks that are a must-visit during a road trip through the American West. Consider Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and more. In all these parks you can enjoy different natural phenomena and scenery. You can also visit the coast in the western United States and enjoy several relaxing beach days during your road trip. You’ll notice that there is more than enough to see and do during a road trip in the American West!

A road trip through Western Canada
Western Canada is definitely recommended for a tour of North America. The states of British Columbia and Alberta are definitely not to be missed Travel across Canada. These states are known for their impressive nature including mountains, bright blue lakes and many waterfalls. It is better to visit these areas in summer so that you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails. In summer you can swim in one of the many beautiful mountain lakes. A must do when visiting Western Canada! You can definitely visit one of the many towns in the region. Visit Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary for an unforgettable tour of Western Canada!

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A road trip from East to West America
For those who have several weeks to travel through the US, an East to West US road trip is a good option. It will take at least 3.5 weeks and more if you want to travel at a slower speed. The route is also known as the US 20 route and is the longest highway in the entire United States. This way you can visit New York City, Niagara Falls, many impressive national parks, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and many more beautiful places! This route is definitely an option to keep in mind.

With this inspiration for a tour through North America, you can already be planning your tour!

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