De Bossche Rachel en Willem van Sas (foto: Jan Peels)

Influencers Rachel and William offer Holiday Paradise for sale a year later

Rachel and Willem van Sass of Den Bosch are once again selling their recently purchased holiday park in the Frisian town of Tuegslerheide. A year and a half ago they bought it with his friend Martijn Manschot with the aim of turning it into a real paradise. But it did not happen as expected for the powerful. Due to Martijn’s burnout, the Het Wylde Pad trio is up for sale again.

The couple bought the holiday park, Het Wylde Pad, with Martijn last April. The three had no idea about it, but were eager to make something beautiful out of it. It even resulted in a new series of Reality, in which the park was renovated.

Unfortunately, Project Passion did not go as planned. At the beginning of this year, Martin found himself at home with severe fatigue. “Unfortunately, his condition has not improved yet which is why he had to decide to stop using the Het Wylde Pad permanently,” the couple explain on Instagram.

against the Leeward Courant Willem says there was initially a good hope that Martin would recover after a few months of rest, but eventually it slipped in a big way. Health comes first and so it’s time to stop.

“If things don’t go the way they should, they have to go the way they do.”

The loss of Martin had dire consequences for Rachel and William. “Martijn is half of the company and we can’t exist full time because of our other activities.” Rachel is an internal influencer with her lifestyle platform “De Huismuts” and Willem is a content creator under the name Daddyhox. Martijn is one of the men behind the popular Stingy Guest YouTube account.

This summer, the entrepreneurs launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete their park. According to Leeuwarder Courant, they found two hundred investors willing to put money in the park and raised 300,000 euros. All this money will be refunded. “All crowdfunders received an email two weeks ago and will, of course, get their investment back,” Rachel and William wrote.

So the wand was passed. The holiday park is up for sale for 2,250,000 euros Fonda in the works. “If things don’t go the way they should, they have to go the way they do.”

In April last year Omroep Brabant visited holiday paradise:

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