In Emil (2), 3-year-old Yannis went missing in 1989: “It brings up bad memories” |  outside

In Emil (2), 3-year-old Yannis went missing in 1989: “It brings up bad memories” | outside

The disappearance of Emile (2) reminds the residents of the French village of Janagoubi, about 60 kilometers from the place where the little boy disappeared, of a similar disappearance 34 years ago. Then 3-year-old Yannis Morey disappeared under similar circumstances and was never found.

Yanis disappeared on May 2, 1989 in the village of Ganagube, with a population of more than 90, while he was playing with his brothers a few meters from their home. The boy was never found and there was never any suspicion. As the drama unfolded, the current mayor of the village was the town clerk and was closely involved in the investigation. “It stirs up bad memories,” said Mayor Sylvie Belmonte.

Just as in Le Vernet, everyone in the village was willing to help look for the little boy. However, the boy remained untraceable and there was never any evidence. The clothes Yannis was wearing at the time of his disappearance were not found until a year later in the woods. Excavations also took place in the area during the inspections. Investigators were unable to determine whether he was kidnapped.

It is a black page in the history of the village. “It’s a real drama, we’re still talking about it,” Sylvie Belmonte told the news channel. BFM TV. When she heard the news from Emile, she immediately called her colleague at Le Vernet. “We think a lot about little Emile’s family, just as we think about little Yannis’ mother,” Belmonte told the French news site. “We hope this little boy can be found, but the more days go by, the more complicated it gets.”

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Meanwhile, the search for Emil – six days after his disappearance – continues unabated. © Videostill / Latest Live News (HLN)

Ordinance prohibiting access to the village

Meanwhile, the search for Emil – six days after his disappearance – continues unabated. All tips received (about 1,500 in all) are reviewed and Mayor François Palec decrees that access to Le Vernet is prohibited. This is to “leave residents and family alone”. The procedure is valid until Monday evening. “The villagers themselves are in a state of uncertainty, suspicion and fear,” said the mayor of Vernet, who fears “malignant tourism.”

When asked about Emile’s family, the mayor described them as “a very normal, very close-knit family” and added, “a lovely family who are fully involved in village life.” “Emil is one of our children. He used to come to the municipal swimming pool every day.” Researchers say all options – including a criminal path – are still possible for the disappearance of the little French boy.

Shocking cartoon

A cartoon of Charlie Hebdo on Twitter last Wednesday caused quite a stir. Earlier this week, the French satirical magazine published a caricature of two-year-old Emile. Summer game Where’s Emil? Here’s a tip: Donkeys love dandelions so much.” reads a little boy.

Someone responded on Twitter: “You scum.” Indecent, there are limits that should not be crossed. “Do you really find this funny?” Other wonders. “Charlie has always been like this, but the timing is wrong. Showing no respect for the family who is going through hell right now,” someone else replied.

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