How We Can Avoid Climate Disaster - USA News

How We Can Avoid Climate Disaster – USA News

Bill Gates is an entrepreneur, millionaire, visionary and beneficiary. Was universally acclaimed for its dedication to the world and to humanity. At the same time they suspect that retaliation by many has the potential to affect progress in the wrong direction. The most recent low point is the social media heat that Bill Gates will be involved in cultivating the corona virus to subdue the world. How to create it?

The book “How We Can Avoid a Climate Disaster” is an expression of concern for the world on the one hand, but at the same time provides a solution to the problem of global warming.

Bill Gates has no doubt that the Earth is warming and that this is largely due to the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. He has no doubt about the role of human beings in this development. But the deal with the main climate enthusiast ends there. Because Bill Gates is clearly taking a different direction when it comes to solutions than standard solutions such as flying less, eating less meat, and less and less. Gates did not take part in the abuse of the corona crisis to impose a “new nature” on the people. On the contrary, Gates does not want prosperity and quality of life to plummet. He wants even the less fortunate parts of the world to benefit from this.

Gates is undoubtedly choosing technological solutions to combat climate crisis and control CO2 emissions. He gives excellent examples of the low energy value of many standard alternatives. Solar parks and wind turbines never generate enough energy. The best techniques to satisfy mankind’s energy hunger must be sought.

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Aside from the new techniques that still need to be designed, Gates sees no doubt in the possibilities in nuclear power. He himself has invested heavily in the form of a small nuclear reactor over the past few years. A promising project. In addition, he finds something in the thorium furnace, with little radiation and no radioactive waste. For a more distant future, nuclear fusion may be the future.

Bill Gates gives a realistic view of the climate crisis in his book. Strong point of technical analysis and solutions. Avoid exaggerated panic stories that are unfortunately full of media and politics.

Publisher Info:

In this emergency and official book, Bill Gates outlines a comprehensive, practical (and accessible) plan for how the world can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero to avoid a climate catastrophe.

For more than ten years, Bill Gates has been researching the causes and effects of climate change. Together with experts in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, political science and finance, he explored what can be done to stop the planet from collapsing into an ecological catastrophe. In this book, he not only explains why net greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced to zero, but also outlines what we must do to achieve this vital goal.

Gates provides a clear picture of the challenges we face. Based on his knowledge of innovation and what the market needs to get new ideas, where technology already contributes to reduce emissions, where current technology can work effectively, advanced technologies are still needed, who are working on these essential innovations. Finally, he draws up a concrete, practical plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. In it, he focuses not only on the policies that governments must adhere to, but also on what we as individuals can do to re-account for our government, our employers, and ourselves in this important endeavor.

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As Bill Gates points out, achieving zero net emissions is not easy, but if we follow the plan he outlines here, the goal is certainly achievable.

How can we avoid a climate disaster? Bill Gates | ISBN 9789048855209 | Paperback | 288 p. | 25.98 | Out. Hollands Dip

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