Prosecutor says American woman murdered by teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn will not be brought to justice in US

Prosecutor says American woman murdered by teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn will not be brought to justice in US

But Sagolas continues to refuse to return to the UK to face charges, and his lawyer Amy Jeffries says his US client will not be prosecuted for a similar incident.

Sakolas admits he was driving on the wrong side of the road when he hit the ton in August 2019.

But Jeffrey said it was not enough for a test in the United States.

“If this type of accident happens in the United States, it will not be prosecuted. Therefore, in the United States, these cases are prosecuted only when there is evidence of irresponsibility under the influence of alcohol and distraction,” Jeffrey told BBC Radio. Speed, but nothing here. “

CNN legal analyst Paul Callen questioned the lawyer’s claim.

“I don’t think Attorney Amy Jeffries’ report accurately describes U.S. law. Driving on the wrong side of the road and killing someone is a criminal offense in the United States,” Callan, a former New York City murder lawyer, told CNN on Tuesday.

In recent years, several U.S. states have enacted criminal laws that refer to ‘killing vehicles’. These laws help prosecute for negligent driving, especially under horrific conditions. Driving on the wrong side of the road may fall into this category within some. Circumstances, Callan said.

Socolas was charged in the UK with causing the death of a 19-year-old man by driving a dangerous vehicle, but the US State Department rejected the UK’s extradition request.

“We’re really trying to solve this problem. We understand that social service is a common punishment for these kinds of crimes, and then we’ve offered that he would be willing to serve a year ago. Contribute to that kind of sentence and memory. Harry, try to bring some peace to the family Do it, ”said Jeffreys.

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Dan’s mother, Charlotte Charles, turned down the offer.

“On the night of Harry’s death I made a promise that I would do him justice. I have no circumstances to break that promise. You can not kill someone and walk away. This campaign is about accountability,” he said in a statement on Tuesday that “no one is above the law.”

The current situation has led to a denial of justice, UK Justice Minister Robert Fuckland told the BBC’s Today’s program.

“The current situation is a denial of justice,” he said Tuesday. “Instead of talking about which sentence is appropriate, let’s look at the question of responsibility first.”

A judge has ruled in the case of an American woman accused of murdering a British teenager who could continue in the United States.

“It’s good to see Ms Jeffrey, whom I respect so much, finally reach out to the British people,” a spokesman for the Den Rod Caesar family said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Nevertheless, I would encourage Ms. Sakulas to enter into a conversation with the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure that she faces the British legal system. None of us will take this matter publicly. We have one of the most fair justice systems in the world and it is very important that it is not done. Not only will Harry get justice, he will also be seen as an investigator. “

“Ms Sacholas should give full details of what happened in court under the affidavit and then leave the case to the judge and the arbitral tribunal,” Sieger said.

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