Operation Frisian flag: Folkhard Tankerman wants to leave the United States with Trump's victory

Operation Frisian flag: Folkhard Tankerman wants to leave the United States with Trump’s victory

Folkard, 61, lived in Weinwood in his early years. Studied mathematics at Croningen. Once he is done, it will be difficult to find work in the Netherlands. These are economically bad times. He moved to the United States in 1983.

In the meantime, we were a few years later, so you can say it got stuck. Folkert Dangerman worked in Boston, received his doctorate, and then left for New York. Till 2001 he was Professor of Mathematics at various universities. In 2010 he stopped and started his own business. Now offers private lessons for math students.

As for Corona, the situation is comparable to that of the Netherlands. They are now waiting for the fourth wave. Curfew was not ordered and restaurants were not open.

Folkert and his American wife live happily on Long Island, a port city not far from the water. This is a beautiful area with a village-like character. In summer, many tourists come from the cities. Folkert and his wife have a son who lives in California.

Last year they thought about going back to Frieslan. Especially if Trump wins. Not so now, but Folkert wants to return to Frieslan in the future.

In 2019 they were last in Frieslin, and then they are mainly close to Weinwood, where Folkert comes from. He still speaks a lot of Frisian with his family, is up to date with Frisian news and is a member of various Facebook groups that include Frisian like De Friske Walton.

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