How long will Nicolette Kluijver serve on Mission Robinson?

How long will Nicolette Kluijver serve on Mission Robinson?

Nicolette considers it an honor to present the programme. The participants in particular made her role as a special introduction: “Candidates achieve their dream once in a lifetime for them. (…) We stand on the sidelines and we can guide them. “And that’s why she also so desperately wants to remain a part of Expedition Robinson. “It’s so much fun doing it, I can do it for another hundred years.”

This season takes place in Malaysia. “You’re sitting with each other and you’re just interested Robinson. So you go to dinner, you usually get the lyrics, and then you go to a game. It’s so early, before dawn you’re in a boat.” Still, it’s totally worth it: “I think it’s such a happy moment, once you’re on that boat for work and you’re still practicing a few scripts.”

After the intense days of filming, it is very difficult for Nicolette to get used to her normal life again. “When it comes to the final, it is also very strange. So you are six weeks non stop participate in the mission. The topic of conversation is about it, I didn’t read the news and then it was done once and you have to come back.”

The presenter can also look back in relief at this edition. “It has everything we could have hoped for and more. Every time we thought: If that was it. And then I went one step further.” It’s not for nothing that she calls it “the most beautiful season so far”.

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