Google launches One Tap API for one-click mobile login – Computer – News

Google has released a new set of APIs for logging in via Google services. Developers can allow users to sign in via One Tap, which is a simplified version of Signing in with Google.

The new sdk is called identity services, consists of several APIs for logging in to external websites. Identity services include Sign in with Google, which is a sign in button that allows users to sign in to external sites like Reddit with their Google account. The button does not change anything in terms of functionality, but the appearance does. The button contains the name, email address, and profile picture of the user.

New in the SDK is One Tap. The company announced that in the last year As a beta version, but the feature is now widely available. One Tap is similar to Signing in with Google, but is primarily intended for mobile sites and apps. It’s a prompt that crosses the screen so users are not redirected to an external page. Both Google Sign in and One Tap use tokens so users can sign in without having to enter their password first.

According to Google, One Tap already works with websites like Pinterest and Reddit. The feature is available on Chrome for Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Doesn’t work on Safari in iOS. google says This is due to Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature in new versions of the Apple operating system.

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