Google introduces Nest doorbell with battery and new Nest Camera products – picture and sound – news

Google is adding new products to its Nest line of smart homes. The company releases a Nest doorbell and a battery-powered Nest camera. In addition, a new Nest Cam with an underwire is coming out. No subscription is required for basic functionality.

The new doorbell from Nest has a rechargeable battery, which should give users more options when it comes to doorbell placement. The doorbell can be wired so that the battery remains charged constantly. The doorbell sound can be played through Nest speakers and displays. It is also possible to call existing doorbells for sound.

The doorbell battery status can be seen via the Google Home app. Battery life is not known, but a screenshot from Google shows a minimum of three months. Users can set the doorbell to enter power saving mode if the battery life is less than seven days. Among other things, video recording is limited. Economy mode can also be set as standard to extend battery life.

The Nest Cam with Battery can be installed indoors and outdoors. This camera can also be used with a cord so the device does not need to be charged. Optionally, a stand is provided on which the camera can be placed on the table. Other accessories include a waterproof cable and anti-theft stand. There’s also the new wired Nest indoor camera. This can be set in two positions so that it can be used on the surface or installed on the wall. Finally, there’s a Nest Cam with floodlighting that turns on lighting when it detects activity to improve visibility.

All new Nest products respond to people, animals, vehicles and package delivery. Google has improved its detection algorithms and thanks to the TPU chips in the hardware, the frame rate of the camera algorithms has doubled compared to the previous Nest generation of cameras. Users can receive notifications of people, animals, vehicles, and packages without the need for a subscription, and can record up to three hours of video. When purchasing a subscription, they can register for up to thirty or sixty days. It is also possible to set the areas of activity that the camera should monitor without a subscription.

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Google also notes that the cameras record HDR images and can capture up to an hour of video locally, which is uploaded as soon as there is an internet connection. Products send encoded images and indicate with an LED when recordings are made. 2FA is possible in combination with a Google account.

The Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam with battery will be available on August 24 for €200. Google will also sell the Nest Cam with battery in a pack of two for 360 euros. The Nest Floodlight Cam and the Nest Cam Indoor Cam will appear at a later date for €300 and €100, respectively.

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