Google ends support for Play Services for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean – Tablets and phones – News

Really elegant. I bought a new SmartTV 2 years ago (Kiland brand, highly recommended).

And what program is running in the background? Android 4.2…

Now I wasn’t happy with this thing anyway, which started showing all kinds of problems after the warranty period.
But if there are no more updates for this operating system, then hopefully, the TV will not be updated.

I usually check for updates, but with this TV this can happen 4-5 times a day. The image disappears, you can only see some meaningless animation. Sometimes for only ten seconds, sometimes for a few minutes. And sometimes the TV turns itself off.

The idea behind the purchase was to use the TV as a monitor for a computer (a media station where you can run much better software than the awful Android version.

You can’t upgrade your Android TV to a new version, and there were almost no apps to download on the manufacturer’s website, so I didn’t start that at all. The TV is also not connected to LAN or WiFi so this is not a problem.

Take it out of the original packaging after August and see if it has finally cracked the Android 4.2 bug.

It would be interesting to find a tool somewhere that allows me to get into the TV show to make sure I can get the update count down to 0. Can I still use this thing to advertise scams?

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