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Subnautica, the independent expansion of Subnautica is officially released. The PC version has left Early Access and the game is also available on the Nintendo Switch as well as for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The game costs 30 euros.

Players who have played the Early Access version on Steam can continue the current save game in the final version. With the implementation of Seaworthy modernization The game has been officially released According to the manufacturers, many bugs have been resolved and improvements have been made. Endgame is also provided for all players.

On Friday, Subnautica: Below Zero will also be released for current and previous generation Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation devices. The PC version is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. On all platforms The game costs 30 euros.

Under Zero is an extension of Subnautica, but it can also be played separately. The new game takes place two years after the original release. Once again, Planet 4546B is the setting for a survival game. This time, players have to survive in harsh conditions in an icy area. As in the original, the game revolves around exploring and collecting materials, construction tools and a safe base.

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