Germany vs United States U17 Results Der Panzer beat USA in dramatic fashion

Germany vs United States U17 Results Der Panzer beat USA in dramatic fashion, JAKARTA – Der Panzer won the 2023 U17 World Cup 2023 U17 World Cup Round of 16 against Germany with a 3-2 win over the USA.

Charles Herrmann in the 14th minute, Max Moerstedt in the 33rd minute and Hilal Yalcinkaya in the 87th minute scored Germany’s goals at the Si Jalak Harupat stadium on Tuesday (21/11/2023). Taha Habroune in the 24th minute and David Vasquez in the 81st minute.

Germany almost broke the US goal in the 10th minute, but Paris Bruner capitalized on a loose ball and a shot was cleared by an American defender.

Bruner threatened the U.S. goal again two minutes later, but his header was saved by U.S. goalkeeper Adam Beaudry.

Germany finally broke the deadlock in the 14th minute with a curling free kick from outside the penalty box by Charles Herrmann.

Relishing the attack, Germany forgot its defence. On the counterattack, the United States equalized through Taha Hebron in the 24th minute.

Imfasha Bergimas was able to deliver a pass from the right wing after a shot at Germany’s right wing. The ball fell to the feet of Hebron who scored a free against Max Schmidt as the German defender attempted to block.

Bergimas, operating on the right wing, again escaped control in the 28th minute, but unfortunately there was no one to answer his cross in front of the German goal.

After leveling the scores, Germany’s play was not as clean as it had been in the first 20 minutes of the game.

Germany, known as Der Panzer, took the lead over the USA in the 33rd minute. Herrmann, coming in from the right wing, sent a flat pass that Max Moerstedt successfully converted with his right foot.

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German right-back Erik da Silva Moreira stepped up to help the attack. His shot in the 40th minute was blocked by American goalkeeper Adam Beaudry.

Until the end of the first half, Germany vs United States U17 results, Der Panzer was slightly ahead 2-1.

Entering the second half, USA took the offensive to reach the goal.

In the 55th minute, the American players asked the referee to check the VAR because they thought a German defender was handballing in the penalty box, but the referee Fu Ming did not check the VAR.

In the 59th minute, U.S. captain Pedro Soma made a solo run, but his shot went wide of the German goal.

Trailing by a goal, the USA continued to attack Germany’s defense until the 15th minute of the second half.

After playing patiently in the second half, Germany counter-attacked in the 65th minute when Hermann crossed on the right wing but the 194cm tall Max Morstedt’s header went narrowly wide.

Employing counter-offensive tactics, Germany relied on Brunner’s speed and strength to attack the American defenses.

To score, the USA tied the score at 2-2 in the 81st minute with a low free kick from Germany’s left flank by David Vasquez.

After Vázquez’s goal, the Americans were more excited to score their third goal of the tournament.

German coach Christian Wouk brought on Bilal Yalcinkaya and made the perfect substitute. The tactic proved successful, as new signing Yalcinkaya scored an immediate goal in the 87th minute to put Germany ahead 3–2.

German goalkeeper Max Schmidt made a brilliant save in the 89th minute on a curling shot from American midfielder Matthew Corcoran.

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By the end of the match, Germany had a 3-2 lead over the USA, while qualifying for the quarter-finals of the 2023 U17 World Cup against Spain.

U17 World Cup Quarter Final Schedule, Spain vs Germany at Jakarta International Stadium, Friday 24th November 2023.

Germany vs United States U17 Lineup:

German: Max Schmidt, Finn Zeltsch, Faisal Harchoui, Paris Brunner, Max Morstedt, Noah Darwich (C), Charles Herrmann, Maximilian Hennig, David Odoku, Eric da Silva Moreira, Robert Ramczak

Coach: Christian Wouk

USA: Adam Beaudry, Oscar Verhoeven, Stuart Hawkins, Matthew Corcoran, Nimfasha Berchimas, Peter Soma (C), Cruz Medina, Peyton Miller, Taha Habrun, Carol Figueroa, Aidan Harangi

Coach: Gonzalo Segares

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