Åberg is also great in America

Åberg is also great in America

The ball was on a tight string with the 24-year-old rookie. Again and again lines were shown showing his ball flight. Straight as an arrow, with simplicity and ease, the commentators fell silent at one point. Although it may be quiet because of the numbers that they put in Åberg Georgia.

Under 29, this is an improvement A winning score in the RSM Classic and tied the circuit’s lowest winning score. Two rounds of 61 over the weekend tied the lowest score ever over the past two rounds. A bogey over 72 holes went a long way toward setting a new low score in the final three rounds. And was no less than four strokes ahead of runner-up Hughes, who needed three fewer than the numbers shared by Duncan and Cole.

A professional in fourteen starts, he won two, one in Europe and one in America. And then we conveniently forget about his contribution to winning the Ryder Cup. Only three times has he finished outside the top 25, his worst finish in his last eight starts being a shared fourteenth. And his average score per round is a stroke and a half less than what Tiger scored in his first months as a pro.

As he said immediately after the victory, the superlatives do not do justice to the progress of the Swedes, who have no intention of stopping there.

‘The concept of success… I love it. Doing it at the highest level is special. Once you’ve done it once, you don’t need to do anything but do it again.

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The golf world has been warned.

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