‘Friends’ fans can expect the real ‘Central Perk’ cafe from 2023

‘Friends’ fans can expect the real ‘Central Perk’ cafe from 2023

Good news for fans of the series friends. Next year, a number of coffee shops based entirely on the chain’s Central Perk will open. It is not yet known exactly where these cafes will appear. In addition to bars, Warner Bros. Entertainment and CenPer Holdings also owns friendsCoffee beans.

You may soon be able to go for coffee at Central Perk. Warner Bros. Entertainment Collaborates with CenPer Holdings for friendsRelated coffee bars. that reports vs symbol. icon. It is not yet known where they will be. Although there is a good chance that it relates to locations in the US and Canada.

Central morale boost

since when friends Who saw the value of the Central Perk Café in the chain. This is where the main characters Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Ross gather to tell each other about their latest problems and successes. While many coffee shops and coffee shops have tried to resemble this particular bar of the chain, Warner Bros. Only now with the Official Version.

The company will open its first true coffee shop in Central Perk in 2023. After that, other bars will follow in other locations. It is not yet known exactly where the cafes will open. Although the opportunity seems small to us, it will be in Europe.

special coffee brand

In those new cafes too friends– Coffee is served. The chain also comes with its own brand of coffee. There are currently three types of beans under that brand. These three species were given names How are you’And the pivot mix And the We were on a coffee break. The coffee beans will be used in the new coffee shops, but they will also be sold separately.

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