FC Barcelona establishes its presence with BV in the Netherlands |  sports

FC Barcelona establishes its presence with BV in the Netherlands | sports

FC Barcelona, ​​after many international companies, is establishing itself for financial reasons through its own company in the Netherlands. It’s not about the whole club, it’s about Barcelona’s multimedia department.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the club does this because it makes it easier for its subsidiary to enter the American Stock Exchange, in the case of Nasdaq. And earlier this year, the big Spanish construction company Ferrovial took the same step, for which the company has come under a lot of criticism.

And due to financial problems (the club has a debt of 1.3 billion euros), Barcelona is looking for financiers everywhere to buy new players, among other things. Commercial companies affiliated with the club are also put up for sale.

According to El Pais newspaper, Barcelona, ​​which confirmed the news, is entering the New York Electronic Stock Exchange through the Netherlands after merging with many international companies. This merger has yet to be completed in the coming months. In all, the value of Barcelona’s media is around 900 million euros. The company provides audiovisual content to the football club such as interviews, photos, documentaries, podcasts, etc., NFTs and many other related matters.

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