King Charles III wears a swimsuit to support Eloise of Orange

King Charles III wears a swimsuit to support Eloise of Orange

PHOTO: Ljubko Smokowski/Josh Powell/Frederic Legrand – COMEO/

A photo report of Countess Eloise van Oranje in a bathing suit caused a sensation. Some of the Kings correspondents felt that Eloise took the photos to the edge of the occasion. The fuss also reached the UK.

They weren’t everyday photos. A member of the royal family in a bathing suit He photographed. This has created a stir among journalists who thrive on sensationalizing facts that are themselves insignificant. In this case, it was the narrow-minded Calvinist Jeroen Snell who attempted to turn an innocent image into something vulgar. According to Snell, the photos were a disgrace to the royal family’s reputation.

Newborn King Charles III reacted angrily when he heard of the uproar about Eloise. Charles decided to respond to the incident in a playful way and take a picture of himself in a swimsuit. It didn’t take long to lift myself up into the Speedo and drive out to sea as Camila snapped a few snaps with her phone. I posted it to my Instagram to show that it is completely normal for a member of the royal family to go to the sea in a swimsuit. Moreover, this was An excellent opportunity to show my toned body to the whole world. For this reason alone I am indebted to Eloise.”

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