Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know

Google's AI is no longer called “Assistant” or “Poet,” but “Gemini.” In our Gemini guide we explain everything you can do with this AI.

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Google Gemini Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Forget everything you know about Google Assistant or the Google Bard, because all you have to think about now is Gemini. Gemini can be considered as Google's answer to ChatGPT. It is an artificial intelligence based on an AI model, which you can talk to and give commands. In this Google Gemini guide we explain everything you need to know.

What different Gemini types are there?

Even with the company ditching the Google Bard name, there are several versions of Gemini. First you had the Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra, and Gemini Nano. Now you have Gemini with the Pro model and Gemini Advanced with the Ultra model. We explain.

Gemini: This is the free version of Gemini, which you can access via the web or app. This version of Gemini is currently running Pro 1.0, but may receive a higher version number at a later date.

Gemini Advanced: This is the most advanced version of Gemini, currently running on the Ultra 1.0 model. You can only use this if you pay for the Google One AI Premium subscription. This costs €21.99 per month.

What is the meaning of multimedia?

When ChatGPT started it was all about the text. Due to the use of an underlying language model, the chatbot was able to accurately predict what the next word in a sentence should be. This allowed him to perform increasingly complex textual tasks. Gemini is multimedia, which means its AI can handle not only text, but also images, audio, and video.

Does Gemini have an app?

Google Bard never got its own app, which many users thought was a shame. This has been solved with Gemini. There is a Gemini app in the Play Store that allows you to replace Google Assistant on your smartphone.

At the time of writing, unfortunately, Gemini is not yet available in the Netherlands. Once the app is available, you can download it from the Play Store via the button below.

You can do this using the Gemini app

Once the app is available, you can use the chatbot to ask questions, write texts, and create images. In addition to text, you can use your voice, photos, and camera in your prompts.

For example, it is possible to point the camera at your surroundings and ask Gemini questions about that topic, or ask questions about what can be seen on your smartphone screen. You can also paste text into Gemini and have the chatbot create a table from it. It is also possible to have Gemini look up information in your Gmail.

Gemini has not yet completely replaced Google Assistant

Once you're able to download the app, Gemini can be accessed in all the places you normally connect to Google Assistant. For example, by saying “Hey Google.” Gemini can also direct Google Assistant to complete actions, such as controlling the lights in your home or making a phone call.

However, Gemini has not yet taken over all the functions of Google Assistant. For example, AI cannot play music, podcasts, or radio stations, set a reminder, or start a routine.

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To switch to Google Assistant, open the Gemini app, tap on your profile picture, go to Settings and choose Google Assistant from Google Digital Assistants.

Gemini pro

You can also use the web version

Until the Gemini app is used in the Netherlands, you can also work with the web version of the technology. The possibilities are limited. For example, you cannot use the camera.

What about my smart speakers?

Have you invested in Google smart speakers like the Nest Mini, Nest Audio, or Nest Hub smart display? You can't use this with Gemini at the moment. Everything still works there via Google Assistant.

More tips

Need more help using Gemini or other chatbots? Then we'll help you get started with tips on writing prompts and tips for creating images.

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