Monday posts about The Witcher 4, Bethesda, and older games

Monday posts about The Witcher 4, Bethesda, and older games

After a very quiet and humid weekend, we are back to reality. This means, first, that we're just working, and second, that we're kicking off Retro Week with this edition of this new edition of Letters Monday. The Netherlands' longest running gaming column delves (partially) into the past for once. Because the community also has burning questions about older games. Gentlemen on duty today are Boris, Jasper Kos and Gilly. Three men have a heart for old games, and therefore may have the right answers to the old questions asked. In addition, there are questions about The Witcher 4, Bethesda, and Sora. You will see and hear answers to all these questions and more in the messages of Monday, February 19, 2024.

How do we look at “modern” retro consoles like the Evercade?

This week we are delighting our viewers with many vintage items. From Mobile Rating and retro/emulation on Steam Deck to the best way to play retro games and hardware emulation via FPGA. That's why we thought it would be fun to focus this edition of Letter Monday in part on “retro games.” There are questions about our favorite handheld device, which old game deserves a sequel, and how we view modern retro consoles like Evercade.

Will The Witcher 4 be revolutionary?

There is also room for non-retro questions in the release. For example, the question of why Bethesda can't take a step forward graphically, while modders seem to be able to? And which publisher acquisitions do we think have done well, after Embracer, for example, has made one acquisition after another? Do we think that the new The Witcher game will be as revolutionary as the third part? Or more of the same, nice? You can see all this in this video.

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