Even America’s believer Sven Ness has doubts: “I’m asking myself more questions than last year.”  Cycling World Cup

Even America’s believer Sven Ness has doubts: “I’m asking myself more questions than last year.” Cycling World Cup

Tonight the Cyclo Cross riders open the World Cup. They flew to the other side of the world for it. Whether they will continue to do so in the future is a question mark. Even for Sven Nys, one of America’s biggest motocross supporters.

The Cyclocross World Cup has been flying to America for nearly 10 years. Las Vegas, Iowa, or Fayetteville have been bypassed, leaving only Waterloo.

“The trip is definitely interesting for us,” opens Sven Ness, Team Manager Baloise – Trek Lions.

“The cross is being performed at Waterloo on the land of our shepherd, Trick. Here I see the employees who make our bikes. “It’s the best way to provide feedback on the material.”

Trek uses the World Cup to organize team building activities. Nys is the perfect guest to introduce a cyclocross show.

Because the sport is alive there, says the former Cross champion. “Here in Wisconsin alone, cyclocross will be held every week until December. We should also keep an eye on that.”

“By our presence, we are also showing respect to Americans crossing into Europe,” Ness points out.

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Through our presence, we are also showing respect to Americans crossing into Europe.

Sven Ness
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“2.500 euros per renner”

The cost of a trip to America is high. At Paulus Suzin Bingöl, the cost of transit for four passengers and a similar number of employees is between 20 and 25 thousand euros.

Team Sven Ness can rely on logistical support from the ride at Waterloo, but the riders also have to invest in the ride to America.

“For us, a week here costs about 2,500 euros per passenger, and the rest we take care of as a team. We pay the staff, the car rental…the passengers pay for the hotel and food themselves. This is good for us.” Everyone gets along,” Ness says.

“And don’t forget that the World Cup in Dublin costs us a lot of money. No one talks about that.”

To keep costs down somewhat, the Nys rely on American crossover fans.

“They consider it a great honor to help us with the physical station and we take advantage of that with gratitude. The opposite also happens when Americans come to race in our country.”

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The Waterloo World Cup Tour is in its sixth edition.

“Chicago is perfect for the second round.”

“Within 2 to 3 races, you can recoup the investment as a jockey,” continues Sven Ness. “What’s more, you can even gain something from it.”

Provided that there will be more than one World Cup incident in the American program. That is not the case this year.

“With two World Cup races to go, this journey is even more interesting,” Ness knows. “Chicago will be the perfect place for additional cyclocross.”

“Because you land there, because they are obsessed with cross and because there are also bike companies like SRAM.”

Ness doesn’t know if America will still be on the cross country calendar next year. “I hope so, but today I have more questions than in previous years. So the second round will be important.”

World Cup winners at Waterloo
season men slim
2017-2018 Matthew van der Poel True unable
2018-2019 ton aerts Marianne Vos
2019-2020 That is, Izrebit Katie Nash
2021-2022 That is, Izrebit Marianne Vos
2022-2023 That is, Izrebit Wim van Empel

Follow tonight’s Waterloo Cyclo Cross World Cup live in our app and via our website. The women will race at 7:40 p.m., and the men at 9:10 p.m.

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