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That’s great, you just got your end user license agreement. So it says nothing about transfer of ownership or data becoming someone else’s or something similar. It states in the Australian variant, for example, that a copy of all your data may be made for archival and legal purposes, and that all data may be used publicly:

EUFY does not claim ownership of the content that you submit or make available for inclusion in the Eufy Services. However, with respect to the content (including all related intellectual property rights) that you submit or make available to the Eufy Services, you grant EUFY the following license(s): worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, and is sublicensable and transferable, such as applicable: A license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works from, publicly perform and publicly display such content on the Eufy Services solely in connection with providing you with the Eufy Services, as permitted through the functionality of the Eufy Services and under these Terms . You grant EUFY the right to retain a copy of the Content (including all relevant intellectual property rights) for archival and legal purposes. You hereby also do and shall grant each user of the Eufy Services a non-exclusive license to access and use Your Content through the Eufy Services, only as permitted through the functionality of the Eufy Services and by you and under these Terms.

This is not included in the US EULA, among others, and therefore should not be allowed. I couldn’t find other end user license agreements, nor terms and conditions. However, there is a Dutch privacy page from Eufy that states:

local storage

Home is where your data belongs. With secure local storage, your private data never leaves the security of your home and is accessible only to you.

End-to-end encryption
All photos captured on the device are encrypted and sent directly to your phone – and only you have the key to decrypt and view the photos. Data is encrypted in transmission.

Funnily enough, these things weren’t true either, as attested by people who can watch streams via VLC and thus photos/pictures go to their server.
They have this now (don’t know if it was there before):

1. When does eufy record or store my videos?
eufy records videos and saves them locally when your device detects motion. If you subscribe to our cloud storage service, your videos are stored securely in the cloud and can be deleted at any time. Your videos are permanently deleted from our servers according to the storage period of your subscription.

But that’s only if you’re using a cloud storage service. If you only have local storage, they are not allowed to send data to their servers.

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