Emotional Marth on TV show: “They called me ugly from K3”

Emotional Marth on TV show: “They called me ugly from K3”

Overall cheerful program Love of music It took a different turn last week when Marthe spoke frankly about the difficult time. She did this in response to the song “Try” by Colbie Caillat, which she sang and reminded her of that time.

“When I became K3, there were suddenly a lot of opinions about my appearance,” she says. These things were not always positive and affected her deeply, but they put a mask on the outside world. “This song basically says what I didn't do then, but I do now,” Marthe says of “Try.” At one point it was so bad that a Flemish magazine even analyzed her appearance. “It was written on the cover that I was the ugly one of K3.”

The song has special meaning for her, because she covered the song with her brother Lorenz. “When we put this cover online, I received a lot of positive feedback,” she says with a lump in her throat. “It made me very happy.”

Criticisms of her appearance even started before she became an official member of K3. Geert Verhulst was also guilty: he participated in the program K2 is looking for K3 That her eyes gave a “sad look.” She was even asked if she would like to change this cosmetically, to which she replied at the time: “If it makes me look happier in the photo: why not?” Fortunately, Marthe received a lot of support on social media after this comment.

A few years later, Martha became the talk of the town again when it was found that her face had been completely photoshopped on the cover of their new album. Ushuaia. Fans called it a “huge shame”, after which Studio 100 changed the cover.

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Only now does Marthe dare to admit that all those comments mean a lot to her. At the time, she felt like she wasn't allowed to elaborate on this because of her position at K3. “Despite the fact that these things are written, you're always cheerful as a K3. So I've never shown or stated how profound this can be sometimes.”

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