The Italian X Factor nominees are no longer sorted by age and gender

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Italian version of The tenth factor One: Candidates are no longer categorized according to their gender. They are also no longer classified into separate categories based on their age reports Limit Tuesday.

This still happens in all other variants of the talent show. This was abandoned in Italy and each of the four jury members, including singer Mika, will not top their own category. However, they must have at least one soloist and a band in their team.

“Removing the rating, you are welcome x factor Antonella Derico, vice president of Sky Italia, said the change and wants to set an example for others.

“In a world no longer discriminated by gender or age, ‘talent’ has become a neutral noun for us. We will be asking all of this year’s edition participants to bring the one thing they really need: their unique personal letter x factor.”

x factor It was first shown in the UK in 2004 and now has dozens of releases in other countries, including the Netherlands. In Italy, the talent show produced, among others, the Eurovision winner Maneskin (photo), who took second place in 2017.

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