This is the colorful interior by “buy without looking” designer Roos Reedijk

This is the colorful interior by “buy without looking” designer Roos Reedijk

Ross Riddick

“Welcome to our dollhouse – as we always say – for the grown-ups,” Ross says as she opens the door. “It's pink all over. You know by now that I love color. You can see that here too.” The kitchen is the living space in the Reedijk house. “It's a nice set up here, as we always say.”

TV show participants often hope for a curvy floor, but Ross doesn't have one. “I have a slanted floor, which is completely different, but we have black steel doors.” The famous lemon plant can also be found in her home.

Buy without looking

last Watcher with eyes It is wallpaper on the wall in the bathroom. “I'm often asked: Is this possible? Yes, it's okay. There are many types of wallpaper that you can use as a bathroom background.

And what's your final tip if you want to do something about your home design? Ross: “Striking balance, that's what I think is especially important. If you have a wood kitchen, wood floors and wood cabinets, it's going to use a lot of wood. So try combining different materials and see what your home can use best.”

Buy without looking is RTL's housing program in which couples outsource the search for and purchase of their new home. They give the team permission to find, purchase and renovate a home for them. A home they only see for the first time after signing the purchase agreement.

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