Denon and Marantz introduce a converter to solve the HDMI problem with 4k120 signals – picture and sound – news

Sound United, manufacturer of Denon and Marantz receivers, comes with an HDMI adapter kit to solve the HDMI issue in sending 4k120 signals. This is a particular problem with Xbox Series X and S consoles and with AMD and Nvidia video cards with HDMI 2.1.

On the website for Denon On Marantz Sound United reported that it is offering an HDMI adapter SPK618 for free to users of receivers that support 4k120 and 8k signals. Starting May 15th, users of these receivers can register to one of two pages. According to the manufacturer, this switch will solve the “compatibility issue” between Denon and Marantz receivers using HDMI 2.1 and some game consoles. Sound United writes that if users encounter a black screen and hear no sound when trying to pass a 4k120 or 8k signal from their gaming device through their receiver to their display, then the switch will help provide a decent gaming experience.

German C’t magazine is found Last year there were problems sending 4k120 signals to a connected TV. Sound United recognized the problems And he talked about one Mismatch Between HDMI chipset for different devices. Also Yamaha Confirmed that the problem is with its receivers. The issue may be related specifically to Nuvoton Technology’s built-in HDMI chipset. Chipset from this manufacturer are integrated into quite a few HDMI 2.1-enabled receivers. This isn’t an issue with the PlayStation 5, as Nuvoton chips probably can’t handle the compression technology well Display pressure stream; Sony does not implement this with the PS5, while Microsoft uses the image signal from the X and S series.

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It’s not clear exactly how Sound United’s HDMI adapter works. The switch is likely to fine-tune the HDMI signal, so that the faulty Nuvoton chips issue is circumvented. The switch clearly has to be placed between the Xbox Series X and the receiver, for example. This means that the controller must be connected to the SPK618 via an HDMI cable, after which this adapter in turn must be connected to the receiver via an HDMI cable. The display of this adapter may mean that Sound United no longer comes with another solution.

Apart from this The solution Currently, users with these issues have few options but to refrain from playing at 4k at 120fps, since the issue does not occur at 4k60. Another option is to connect the console directly to the TV and send audio from the TV to the receiver via ARC. However, this “solution” has some drawbacks, such as an additional HDMI connection to the TV and the fact that via ARC does not Without losing data Voice can be redirected.

The issue also occurs with other receivers that support HDMI 2.1, such as the one from Yamaha. This plant says in a brief statement, and who FlatpanelsHD was recorded, That in its current models it is still looking and thinking about how it would respond to the problem. This is for RX-A2A, V6A and V4A. The company says it will address the issue with future updates, but it needs more time for now. So it is still not known if Yamaha will also come with an HDMI adapter, or if it will try to solve the problem otherwise. The company also says it will launch new 4k120 and 8k receivers in the short term, as the problem likely won’t occur. According to Yamaha, it can appear within a month.

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