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Starting October 1, Apple will no longer support new data plan activations for iPads via Apple SIM. The service allowed users to purchase subscriptions from certain providers by activating a type of e-SIM connection via the Apple-provided SIM card.

The iPad Air 2, mini 3, 4, iPad 5, iPad 6, and the first 12.9″ iPad Pro, among others, come with an Apple SIM. The second generation 12.9″ iPad Pro, and the 9.7″ and 10.5″ iPad Pro come with an Apple SIM compact. So all these models can no longer be used to activate data subscription via Apple SIM Apple on support page spotted before Mac rumors. Users can still use an e-SIM or a physical SIM from the provider. For existing subscriptions that were previously activated via Apple SIM, nothing will change.

Previously, cellular-enabled iPads shipped with an “empty” SIM card from Apple, which could then be used to activate a subscription with certain carriers. This principle is very similar to what is now called e-SIM, in which the internal SIM can establish connections with various service providers. According to Apple This function was especially useful for users who wanted to temporarily use a different subscription abroad.

By the way, all cellular iPads released from 2018 onwards have standard e-SIM support; For example, data subscriptions can be activated entirely digitally. The activation process varies by carrier; Sometimes an app is required and sometimes it can QR code to scan But these newer iPads don’t necessarily require a physical SIM card anymore.

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