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Yes, good question.

So Kouwenhoven (and TU Delft & QuTech, his company that researches topological qubits based on Majoranas; a kind of qubit. TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology are also involved) is an important international team of Microsoft Azure/Quantum specialists and doesn’t want to say anything about it himself, perhaps Because of the non-disclosure agreement. Microsoft calls it a “change in the approach to scalable quantum computing,” which refers to manufacturing techniques rather than algorithms.

But there has also been talk of cut and paste, also known as plagiarism, regarding Majorana quasiparticle quantum evidence. Majorana quasiparticle is a fermion which is its antiparticle.
Kouwenhoven demonstrated during QIS-2018 that it is increasingly possible to grow nanowires in complex structures into a network with some sort of hashtag, with Majorana at the intersections. You might say, systematic error, not a big deal. This is research, but I think the terms hardware and software are used interchangeably here.

Its existence was already predicted in 1937 by the Italian Ettore Majorana, but was only theoretically proven in 2012, by a research team led by the Dutchman Leo Koenhoven, who claimed to have found evidence in 2018, retracted his claims in 2019 and appeared to be his job It was problematic enough for Microsoft to fire Van Koenhoven. TU Delt still supports it. From a Microsoft perspective, Delft is Station Q’s labs, as are Santa Barbara, Sydney and Copenhagen.

The questions are what and why, so the role of TU Delft in preparing for this is interesting; This is the realization of integrity, including in relation to Kouwenhoven’s zero-hours contract and possibly. conflict of interest.

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It reminds me of “job gain” research, where the desired outcome is worked out, with the means becoming the goal. So it’s a difficult management area for multinational companies like Microsoft and a known weakness in public-private partnerships. Personally, I find it odd that you only have topological focus, while you first have to have taxonomic correctness. A very interesting case, during the genesis of the Meta and the Meta Universe.

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