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Dbrand, the well-known accessory manufacturer of smartphone skins and covers, no longer sells its replacement side panels for the PlayStation 5. Sony has stop and stopA letter has been sent to the company. Dbrand says he will comply with this “for now”.

Sony lawyers argue in Brief that dark panels To be “a tradition of Sony-owned product design” and Dbrand should stop sales “immediately and permanently”. This message is several months old, and it can be inferred from interaction From Dbrand on Reddit. At the time, they didn’t respond because there was no indication that patents had actually been granted, according to Dbrand. At some point recently, Sony’s lawyers stated that a patent has now been granted in Canada regarding the shape of the side panels. That’s why Dbrand is suspending sales for the time being. Debrand I already expected that Sony will take such steps.

Sony currently only sells its console including the white side panels, which are easy to remove. Parties like Dbrand are the only ones who can help consumers if they want something other than a white PS5. However, Dbrand suspects that Sony plans to offer black side panels for the PS5, which are available separately or included with the console. It is based on guesswork on the arrival of lions PS5 controllers and a black one Pulse 3D Audio-headset; They think the black PS5 would be a logical sequel.

What Dbrand will do next, he does not reveal. The company only says that it will “enter talks soon” with Sony. The product page The paintings now contain a collection of news articles that tell the history of the paintings in parts. via archive.org You can still see what Dbrand sold.

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